Olive Oil Soap With Lavedender

Handmade Olive Oil Soaps Palm Oil Free Soap This is a specialty soap for sensitive skin. The finest of Olive Oil soaps have been made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil for a few thousand years in the Mediterranean and admired for skin soothing properties.

This olive oil soap light creamy color with a very slight green tinge. This is because we use the highest grade of organic extra virgin olive oil which is food grade.

Suggested Uses
Face/Body/Hands. All Skin Types.

When in use, soaps should be kept on a soap dish that drains very well or hung in a soap pouch and should be allowed to dry between uses.

Saponified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Sodium Olivate), Distilled Water and Coconut oil. Scent (Lavedender)

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Weight 4 oz